If you really want an easier life, free from needless worry about your retirement savings, you must answer two simple questions


Is it safe to be invested, TODAY? and, if so,

What are the BEST investment choices in my plan?

Why? Because the last 13 years has shown, without question, the 401k is not a risk free guarantee for retirement. It has also shown us that the “risk” categories of “conservative” “moderate” and “high risk” described in plan documents were just wrong. ALL of these categories lost money in 2008. The 401k is just a convenient savings/investment account; and, smart investors demand straight answers. Answers you are NOT getting from your employer or from the company that sold your employer your plan.

Sample Ranking w disclaimer

Straight answers you can apply to your 401k NOW….

Because I’ve been doing this for 30+ years, I’ll let you in on a secret. The MARKET will give you the answers. Everyday real buyers and real sellers vote with real money. Everyday the votes are reported. The astonishing power of technology allows us to capture those votes so you can focus on what’s working – and, more importantly, what’s not working.

Should I be in cash…

Said another way, is it safe to be invested, today? Smart people have known for centuries the secret to accumulating wealth is avoiding catastrophic losses. “My 401k Investment X-Ray” will gently PUSH cash to the top rank as it overtakes the other choices in your plan – just as it did in EARLY 2008. Had you followed the move, you could have avoided the painful losses and the years it’s taken to recover.

If you really want an easier life, to have money put aside so you can enjoy the time when working for a living is no longer required, you must have the answer to this question. Nothing to learn, clear, straightforward and understandable, “My 401k Investment X-Ray” will tell you if TODAY is a market worthy of your investment capital.

What Are My BEST choices…

Passing the first test: “Is TODAY a market worthy of my investment capital?” the next step is answering the question “What are the BETTER choices in my plan?” – better than the Market or bonds or cash. This is where the astonishing power of technology really pays. What is happening behind “My 401k Investment X-Ray” is an ongoing competition. Each investment choice in your plan is measured, graded and ranked – against every OTHER investment offered in your plan! What this gives you, at a glance, is the “better” investment choices available in YOUR plan – NOW.

The “New Normal”…

Unless you are willing to join the “New Normal” in your golden years: “Too frail to work and too poor to retire” you are going to need some straight answers. Can you afford to continue the roller coaster ride the market has been delivering over the past 13 years? Has “Stay the Course” advice from Wall Street added to your personal wealth? Has the “Pie-Chart” investment recommendation delivered on it’s promise to protect your money?

For a limited time, you can get a FREE X-RAY for YOUR 401k. With the Market approaching the 2007 highs again, don’t miss this chance! Send George an e-mail at gahuss @ the401kownersmanual dot com and we’ll get started.

☛ Sorry to say, the chance for a FREE X-RAY has passed. And, the “Founders Club” is now closed ☚
However, you still have choices… 

Never before has it been easier to get the information you NEED to make better 401(k) investment choices.

In case you didn’t know, Investment advisors typically work with an individual investor on a recurring fee basis. It normally works this way: The client (that’s you) agrees to have the investment advisor manage their assets. The billing arrangement is to take the value of the client’s account and charge an annual fee (billed quarterly) equal to an agreed upon percentage of the account at the end of each quarter. I have seen the percentage charged as high as 1.75% per year. At 1.75% – on an account value of $100,000 – the fee amounts to $437.50 every quarter or about $1,750 every year.  Even when the fee is discounted to, let’s say, only 1.00%, the quarterly fee may still amount to $250.00 every quarter or  $1,000 per year.

Now you can get:

  • every month, the current ranking of the 401k investment choices in YOUR company plan

  • Included in the rankings will be the S&P 500 index and a proxy for cash

  • delivered to your e-mail address

  • plus alerts in between if significant change occurs

You can get all this, plus email access to me, for a flat monthly subscription.

How Much?

✶ 50% off ✶


If you want to know more, use the website Contact form, or

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